What does CraftLine?What does CraftLine?


Exclusive furniture design
Craftline builts furniture according to your individual specification.
We don’t want to limit our self to manufacture furniture only out of automobile parts, barrels or pianos. There are a lot more nice shaped objects which we can rebuild to beautiful furniture. If you want a functional requirement or not - is up to you. Let yourself inspire by our product samples.

Every furniture is unique
Every furniture will be built individual by your ideas. Show character with unique furniture. Nobody will get the same item.
You have the possibility to create furniture who have an individual design and functionality combined with the special view in every detail. That is why every furniture will be made by hand.

Precision and quality
Intricately crafted by hand combined with the most recent production facilities will give you the highest level of quality.
Because of the use of different material it is always a challenge to find the best technical solution to produce the furniture. We will always look for the best way to achieve the fanciest and highest requirements!